How does PeeWee ® cat toilet work?


S* Koil Poonés Endymion recommends PeeWee ®

 1. The litter tray system has two sections.

The upper part has a grating in the bottom.

On this grating you put PeeWee ® litter up to the 2 cm mark.

 2. When the cat urinates most of the urine passes through the grating.

The rest of the cat urine is absorbed by the PeeWee litter which then breaks and falls to lower section of the tray.


The natural behaviour of the cat’s scratching helps the dissolved liter to fall through the grating to the lower section. You only need to throw away the dissolved litter that falls into the lower section.

 3. Once or twice a week shake the upper tray so that any remaining disolved litter falls to the lower section. Then throw away the dissolved litter collected in the lower tray.

The only slight smell is of wood. NO smell of cat urine can be scented. The cat’s paws are always kept dry. (14 litre is enough for about 3 months for one cat)